Disability Resource Center


Steps to apply

To determine eligibility and receive accommodative services, you must do the following:

  • Self-identify as a person with a disability.
  • Contact the Disability Resource Center for application packet:
    • Phone (435-652-7516).
    • In person at the North Plaza Building.
    • Print the application.
  • Complete and return the application and appropriate documentation. Please keep a copy of your documentation.
  • The Disability Resource staff will review the application and documentation and determine appropriate action:
    • Requested accommodations approved.
    • Requested accommodations denied.
    • Request for additional documentation.
  • The DRC staff will contact you to schedule a meeting to discuss accommodation options, implementation process, and other available support services.

Need Additional Help

Prospective students or parents/guardians can also contact us with questions about our services or check out our FAQs for other commonly asked questions.

Check our Faqs


Disabilities Resource Center

Email: drc@dixie.edu

Phone: 435-652-7516

Fax: 435-879-4038

Office: North Plaza Building
(Beside the Testing Center)