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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When should I notify the Disability Resource Center Director about my disability?

A: Although you need not disclose a disability during the admission process, it is advisable to disclose as soon as possible after applying and being accepted. This will help the DRC assist in many areas of student orientation such as campus navigation, testing, Trio program, etc.

Q: What accommodations will I receive?

A: Accommodations are determined case-by-case based on the documentation and the nature of the disability. Accommodations are made based on the documentation supporting a significant limitation in a major life function (Please refer to the documentation/disclosure policy). In all cases, accommodations will not be given if they alter the essential elements of a course. In-class academic accommodations will be requested by the student after documentation/disclosure policy has been followed with the DRC Coordinator. The student will then follow through as outlined in the documentation/disclosure policy for in-class accommodation agreement accepted by the professor.

Q: If I received 504 accommodations or had an IEP in high school, will the same accommodations be provided?

A: Although 504 plans and IEPs are helpful in understanding the history of the disability or disorder, they are not adequate to implement accommodations in a college environment. An excellent resource for the comparisons between the IDEA, 504, and the ADA can be found at the US Department of Education website. At the post-secondary level, supporting documentation through an evaluation done within the past 3 years or using adult norms would be required. Please refer to the documentation/disclosure policy.

Q: If I had a 504 in High School do I automatically get accommodations at DSU?

A: No, the documentation that is required to register with the DRC is the testing that is done when determining eligibility for an IEP (see documentation guidelines found in the application forms).

Q: How will I notify my professors about my need for accommodations?

A: The DRC Coordinator will provide you with a letter or form to be given to each professor. In order to activate the document, the student will have appropriate documentation on file, and will then deliver the document to the professor to get his /her signature and any other needed information giving approval.

Q: Who should I contact if I need any special adaptive technology?

A: Documentation and Disclosure Policy at Dixie State University will apply to the student receiving adaptive equipment. The Disability Resource Center Coordinator will help to determine what adaptive technology you would need. This should be done as soon as possible before the beginning of each semester, especially if textbooks need to be requested in electronic format.